donderdag 9 februari 2006

Geronimo & Deployment Descriptors

I'd already checked out Geronimo before when it was still in Milestone stage, but since it got released I
finally got myself to actually deploy a complete earfile in it (so including an EJB module (Session,CMP and
messagedriven beans). Well I can say it's not as easy as it looks. Ok, they have a hot-deployment directory
and a nice "console" web interface, but that's where you can stop the comparison.
/>What I **don't** like at all is the excess of deployment descriptors. Just when everybody agrees that
there are too much DD around, just to deploy a simple war file in geronimo you need something called a
'deployment plan'. This is ok if you want something special for a particular kind of configuration. But what
if you'd settle with the defaults...Even SUN won't make that mistake twice.

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