vrijdag 15 juli 2005

Passed SCEA

Yesterday I've finally gotten the result back from the final (3rd) part of my SCEA (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect) exam. And the results of the sun jury are .... passed with 90% Yahoo

Split down results are

  • Class Diagram 44/44

  • Component Diagram 34/44

  • Sequence Diagrams 12/12

The result on the Component diagram was kind of expected as there's a number of ways to organise these (by tier, by package,...) since there's no one way of doing it I guess there's where I lost points.
But well I'm happy, petty however that you don't receive any feedback on the test, like this is how you should do it. But well if you come to think of it, that the same way when we were in school. I hated that system then already. Ok you've done the exam, but the actual purpuse is to LEARN something. By doing the exam, they only TEST you've learned something.
Maybe they've should have something like a detailed evaluation, but by then the money is already payed so I guess it doesn't matter for them anyway.

donderdag 7 juli 2005

VRT doing PODCasting

Through the Wouter.net Blog I heard that VRT is doing PODCasting. Hmm seems kinda strange with music industry trying to ban downloaded mp3's from the internet. Of course you could just as well tape it and encode it. But to actually make it public... Well at least they have the rights to broadcast music. So it must be legal.

In any case here's the podCast url for De Afrekening

Here you can find the url to other podCasts from the VRT