woensdag 16 augustus 2006

IE is just crap

As happy as I was that I was using AJAX in my latest webapp (http://www.proco.be) as disappointed I was that
the prototype library (Ajax.Update in particular) didn't seem to work on larger datasets in IE since its
header has a certain limit. As usual IE just swallows the error.

Since webwork is
using dojo internally I was given a choice but I found prototype easier to use, so now I was forced using
dojo. OK modifying, debugging couple of hours later...
system error -1072896748 in IE's
usual javascript error box

Googling a bit pointed me to some weird
error in the MSXML parser that couldn't handle UTF-8 (mind the dash). OK fixed, another error in IE, what's

Well got an even nicer one.. Seems if you take an element and give it
id="description" and try setting the innerHtml of it it won't work. Setting it to whatever magically fixes
the stuff.

Why is following the standards so hard?

dinsdag 15 augustus 2006

First post on the new blog

Fjew,finally done. Just installed the new server and I have to say it, it's a lean mean killing machine :)

The webapp is completely build via webwork 2 and I have to say it, it really rocks. Validation, I18n and
that combined with the radeox engine (which needed some modifications that I'll need to post back to the
authors still)

OK, more on this later.