woensdag 21 september 2005


Finally something really innovative in the world of cellphones. Like an FM-tuner or an mp3 player, a digital camera on a cellphone didn't make sense to me besides the generation of traffic for youngsters. That was until now. If combined with something called QRCode which is a 2D barcode easely recognised by software (don't know yet how easy) it could allow people to have an easy lookup information on the net.

The people at semapedia.org allow people to generate such a QRCode with the url to whatever (they take wikipedia, but it's non specific) that they can print out and put it onto/next to an item. This way if you encounter something which you don't know what it is (but like to find out), just scan it with your cellphone and see what page it brings you.

I'm pretty sure those spam-criminals will find some use in this pretty soon...