dinsdag 24 april 2007

Just got dad :)

Been pretty quiet last couple of months, here is the reason. Proud as a new father I present you my son Nathan born on 19th of april.

vrijdag 12 januari 2007

Second step into real electronics

Ok seems that my ICD2 was faulty. I can't wait untill it gets replaced.

vrijdag 5 januari 2007

First steps into real electronics

Ok, we've had electronics classes when I was studying. But nothing like when you're messing around with it yourself. So this year my promise was to get into the electronics/microprocessing thing. I bought a PICDEM2+ board to try things out. And today they arrived YAHOO....

The Board is working, the ICD2 is working, now why can't they see one another. read 0x0 what is this?