dinsdag 28 december 2004

SCEA Part II (The sequal)

Been doing UML diagrams (class and sequence diagram mainly) all day. Fjew, although reverse engineering of existing code shouldn't be too difficult I spend quite some time in looking why I did what. Now the only thing that I still need to do is create a component diagram and do the whole documentation part around it. Found out that Jude (a free UML tool) that is written completely in java released a new version.

BTW if you get a message regarding an incorrect character set, consider switching to FireFox

zondag 26 december 2004

Our first Christmas Eve in our new house...

Everyone was there, my parents, Caroline, Filip, Maxim and my brother Stijn. Already after the preliminaries some of us feeled like stuffed turkeys but nonetheless a successful evening. Although for some reason Caroline seemed to be infected by the same bug that infected my nephew Maxim. Here some pictures.