maandag 21 maart 2005

Long live courier

Phew, turned kind of hot yesterday as I was upgrading my mail server (Courier .47 to .49). After a recursive configure and make, things got messy when I started to optimise permissions (and hence increasing security). Issues I've encountered so far:

  • Public folders need the sticky bit, otherwise it's difficult to keep track who's done what.

  • Personal folders can remain under 1 account provided they have permissions 0700.(so no sticky bit there)

  • If you've tried your own email account long enough bashing it to pieces, Courier marks it as Temporarely Unavailable. Only thing to do then is just go into /var/track/ and remove your account in there.

  • The file respawnlo, can be modified to restart once every x days (finally found that)

  • maildirshared contains the public folders for everybody

besides those discoveries, I've never had a mailserver that good. I've tried qmail/courier-imap and sendmail/wu-imap and hopefully I don't start a religeous war here but much too difficult to install and to administer.

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