donderdag 20 januari 2005

Some nice tools

Over the last days I've found a couple of nice things :

  • Picasa2: a nice image viewer/editor (from Google) that allows you to quickly fix organise your photos. One minor thing is that they require you to export your photos when you actually want to save them. Positive points are that its freeware and doesn't contain any spyware.

  • Javascript session timeout preventer : (Can always come in handy)


    function expireSession()


    window.location = "index.jsp";


    setTimeout('expireSession()', <%= request.getSession().getMaxInactiveInterval() * 1000 %>);


  • Google ignoring spam put onto a weblog. Since lots of spammers now use blogs to get their website higher in the ranking of Google (number of links you know), Google now announce a good initiative to ignore these kinds of links. Provided that the blog engines add an attribute (rel="nofollow") that actually informs the search engine to ignore that link altogether. Now eat this spammer!!

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